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Florist in Norwalk Ohio

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Myrtle Flowers & Gifts is a florist in Norwalk Ohio. Narcissus (Greek). There's a reason why the term "narcissist" is named after the mythological origin of this flower. Narcissist typically pertains to someone who is so vain and self-absorbed that they forget the world around them, much like the hunter called Narcissus in Greek mythology. While adored by many for his awe-striking looks, Narcissus showed great contempt for anyone who became taken with him. One day, the mountain nymph Echo caught a glimpse of him, instantly fell in love, and went after him. But he soon caught on and demanded to meet her. Echo revealed herself, throwing her arms around him in delight. Narcissus viciously refused her and fled from her. The distraught Echo hid in great shame for the remainder of her days, never to be seen again, with only an echo of her voice left lingering. Nemesis, the goddess of revenge, decided to punish Narcissus for his heartlessness. Dooming him to love what he cannot have, she led him to a stream where he fell in love with his own reflection. He stayed by the water gazing at himself until he wasted away from thirst and hunger. A white flower with a yellow heart later bloomed where he died, warning us about the perils of treating others with spite and putting ourselves above everyone else.


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Rose (Roman). Arguably the world's most famous flower, the rose has been a consistent image in folklore and mythology throughout many different cultures. But one universal symbolism they have is that of true, passionate, everlasting love. This is never more clear than in the romantic tale of Cupid and Psyche. The youngest of three princesses, Psyche was a girl of extraordinary beauty, loved and idolized by many people. Their ardor reached a point where they stopped worshipping Venus, the goddess of beauty. Overcome with envy, Venus enlisted the service of her son, Cupid, in her crusade for vengeance. But upon setting out for his task, he fell in love with Psyche. The smitten Cupid escaped with her to his isolated palace, but warned her never to look at him. However, Psyche's jealous sisters found her and deceived her into gazing at him. Enraged, Cupid fled from her. Lamenting the loss of her lover, Psyche came to be a servant for Venus. The goddess subjected her to many tests and torments, all of which she endured for the sake of love. Cupid then freed Psyche and appealed to Jupiter, king of the gods, to marry her. Jupiter was deeply moved by their love and promptly expressed his approval. Their wedding was a marvelous celebration in the heavens, enjoyed by all gods. Jupiter told his daughters to scatter the most beautiful, glowing roses all over the lands below to honor their union. At the heart of this lovely story is the age-old but unquestionably true message: true love conquers all. It can endure all challenges and troubles, because reaping the rewards of being with the people we love is more than enough to keep us going.

Top 10 Trendy Floral Arrangements. Stunning blooms can lift your mood, spiff up spaces, and bring bliss to anyone who looks at them. Having a dazzling floral arrangement makes many people feel more at home because it brings a sense of calm and delight. But picking out the same blossoms and bouquets can get rather dull over time. There may be times when you want to come up with new ideas but just don't have the time or energy to do it. The great news is that flower trends are always changing, which is a great thing! It keeps your decor choices as fresh as the flowers you love. So if you're getting tired of using the same old bunch of flowers for your home, office, or events, we're here to help! Our list of trendy bouquets are sure to catch your eye and revamp any space into an inspired new style. Unique Additions. Dried Flowers. Old-school flower lovers might be a bit skeptical of dried flowers. But there's no doubting how popular they are nowadays! Their rustic and captivating look can make any bouquet stand apart from the rest. There are even bouquets made up completely of dried flowers! These are ideal for anyone who wants a low-maintenance but breathtaking bouquet. Roses, pansies, sunflowers, and baby's breath make lovely dried florals. Herbs and Foliage Greens make a bouquet look much more natural and textured, while accenting its vivid colors! Herbs like rosemary, sage, mint, and thyme aren't just for cooking anymore. They also provide both flourish and perfume to any arrangement. Their strong scents bring out the soft and sweet aroma of blooms. Foliage is another unique choice! It brings color, depth, and texture to arrangements. Best examples include ferns, long palm leaves, spiky grass, or even branches!

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Popular Themes. Minimalist Style. Today's design trends are all about sleek and unfussy charm. Floral arrangements have caught up to this fad! A lot of bouquets making the most use of a single flower type, alongside a handful of leaves or branches. Minimalist bouquets are perfect for those who love cutting-edge and elegant styles! Heavenly Aromas Scent isn't a second thought to floral arrangements! It fills homes and spaces with pleasant smells that give off a sense of calm, comfort, and peace. It's also known to soothe sadness and anxiety, making it ideal for offices or classrooms. Blooms with this aura often include lavenders, lilacs, gardenias, hyacinths, and wisterias. Vintage Inspiration If dramatic flair is more of your style, vintage bouquets are the way to go! They create a vivid, dreamy feel that takes you back to the olden days. It also gives any room a sense of timeless beauty. Carnations, tulips, orchids, snowberries, and viburnums have this striking quality. Color Palettes. Monochrome. Choosing a specific color for a bouquet makes for a simple yet fabulous arrangement! You can also go with having flowers of various kinds but with one color. This creates a clean yet dynamic look. They also bring out the shades of decor and furniture for a harmonious palette! Bold Poppin' Colors This popular trend is all about fun and vibrance. psychedelics They brighten up any room with a loud, exciting vibe! These are especially perfect for themed or happy occasions. Violets, yellows, magentas, reds, and oranges are the go-to colors that pop out and make a statement. Soft Neutral Hues For those who like a more understated, natural look, warm neutrals are also becoming more popular! They have a timeless appeal with subtle, earthy colors. The best thing about them is that they remind us of the beauty and calmness of nature. Muted tones also go with a lot of decor, so you won't have to stress too much about mismatching palettes. Basic hues like whites, pinks, and yellows make subtle and stylish bouquets.


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Are you in Norwalk, near Norwalk and are looking for a business that does flower delivery near me? Are you interested in having fresh flowers delivered? If the answer is yes, you have found a great resource to take care of all your florist needs. We are the best florist in Norwalk, Ohio. Our shop serves also the following areas in Ohio:

Creative Vases. Rustic is surely in! Setting bouquets in wood vases or even bowls can make them less stuffy and more down-to-earth. They're ideal for daisies, sunflowers, dahlias, and wildflowers. They also don't break as easily as glass vases, which is an extra bonus to their refreshing and modest look. Repurposed Home Materials. It's becoming much more essential to be eco-friendly, so why not get inventive with your flower vases? Mason jars, baskets, pitchers, teapots, and old tins can be lovely and even elegant alternatives to store-bought vases. This will reduce waste and get you started on a great home project! Flowers always remind us of growth and renewal. These trends can help you go for a new appeal that suits your tastes but challenges your imagination!


Norwalk Ohio

Norwalk is a small city in, and the county seat of, Huron County, Ohio, United States. The population was 17,012 at the 2010 census. Norwalk Ohio coordinates 41°14′35″N 82°36′41″W.

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